Complex Commercial Litigation

WMH represents major companies in complex civil cases. We are experienced trial lawyers with specialized knowledge in the media and entertainment field, antitrust litigation, fraud and other financial cases, and real estate litigation. With many of our lawyers having served as federal or local prosecutors, we know our way around both the courtroom and the negotiating table, fighting hard in every setting for our clients. Our experience as prosecutors means we can quickly uncover the true facts and present them in a clear and compelling way that will resonate with a judge and jury. We cut through the thicket and litigate to win.

Media and Entertainment Litigation: We regularly represent some of the biggest players in the media and entertainment world in complicated contract disputes and cutting-edge copyright matters. Current and recent WMH clients include, among others, Altice, Charter Communications, Film Nation, IAC, MSG, and News Corp.

Antitrust Litigation: Our attorneys have gained substantive antitrust experience in an unusually wide variety of settings such as: in criminal cases brought by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division and state authorities; in private antitrust actions, including in defense of a recent multi-billion dollar antitrust class action; and, currently, while working as part of a monitorship team appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division.

Real Estate Litigation: We have handled cases for real estate developers and investors, building owners, as well as tenants. Property managers and agents can put property and assets at risk through simple negligence, mismanagement, or willful actions. Discovery of wrongful conduct can present unique challenges, as property managers and agents may still be in a position to harm the asset, innocent third parties such as tenants, or the owner’s good will or reputation. These cases require creative strategies, quick action, and steady-handed diplomacy.

Representative Cases

  • Represent the Superintendent of NYS Department of Financial Services in an action to recover damages from the parent company and certain former directors of an auto insurance company that is now in liquidation. At the request of the Superintendent and the New York Liquidation Bureau, WMH conducted an investigation into the causes of the insurance company’s failure. Upon finding that the parent company and former directors breached their fiduciary duties to the insurance company, WMH brought suit on the Superintendent’s behalf.
  • Represent a solar development company in an action relating to a landowner’s breach of contract and a competitor’s subsequent illegal strategic lawsuit against public participation (“SLAPP”). After WMH fully briefed its motion to dismiss the defensive claims, the competitor voluntarily dismissed its $25 million tortious interference with contract claim.
  • Represent an American financier in connection with a commercial dispute over rights to various iconic artistic works by Keith Haring and other artists.
  • Represent the owner of a prominent New York City hotel in a commercial contract dispute with a sub-contractor.
  • Represent a media and Internet holding company in litigation regarding the sale and disposition of air rights from a major development project in Manhattan.
  • Represent an international real estate investor and asset manager in connection with a dispute related to the acquisition of a property as part of a major Brooklyn development project.
  • Represent a real-estate developer in connection with a dispute over proceeds from the sale of a commercial building and related acquisition of air rights.
  • Represent a significant energy and industrial company in a multi-million dollar contractual dispute over a force majeure event.
  • Represent the former head of interest rate swap trading at a major multinational bank, as a third-party witness, in connection with private antitrust claims alleging that derivatives dealers colluded to restrain competition in the swap market.
  • Served as co-counsel on trial team that defended a major media company in a multi-billion dollar antitrust class action.
  • Served as co-counsel for a major cable company in a series of litigations growing out of a merger.
  • Represented senior hedge fund manager in connection with his separation from, and redemption of investment in, fund.
  • Represented a significant NY-based technology company in a lawsuit brought by New York City for overbilling and fraud. After WMH filed a powerful motion to dismiss, NYC eventually settled the matter for less than 10% of its original demand.
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